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2/28: SpaceX Star Base, Brownsville, TX
3/3: The Revel House CLARKESVILLE, TN
3/16: The 5 Spot NASHVILLE, TN
3/22: The Nick BIRMINGHAM, AL
3/24: The Handlebar PENSACOLA, FL
3/28: The Basement NASHVILLE, TN
4/7: Stickyz LITTLE ROCK, AR
4/8: George's Majestic FAYETTEVILLE, AR
4/12: Paradise Bar PENSACOLA, FL
4/20: The Coterie KOKMO, IN
4/27: Smith's Old ATLANTA, GA
5/6: Old Timers Day Festival DICKSON, TN
6/2: Dawghouse Saloon, LAS VEGAS, NV
6/3: Dawghouse Saloon LAS VEGAS, NV
6/24: Dickson Street Festival DICKSON, TN
7/15: Music in the Park AUBREY, TX
8/18: The Gin PROSPER, TX
9/30: Railyard Live ROGERS, AR
10/14: Good Coffee Fest NASHVILEE, TN
11/25: Crossties TEXARKANA, AR




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Nashville based soul singer-songwriter Jed Harrelson has found a way to fuse sounds of Soul, RnB, Blues, and Jazz.  Jed started playing music because of the way that it moved people and he subtly carries that into the center of his work, leaving both a euphoric and lyrically provoking presence. While he’s independently released five songs in the last two years, he is working on a debut project right now. All of his music is recorded in house with his brother Hank as the audio engineer.


Coming from Texarkana, Arkansas instilled a drive to hone in on his craft though the lack of music scene caused him to move where he could really express his artistic message which took him to Fayetteville, Arkansas.  This is where he got his band together and cut his teeth in the Northwest Arkansas music scene. 


By achieving and producing what feels good in his art, Jed just might help listeners do the same.

Photo By: Erik James





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